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3cc (3ml) Luer-slip syringe 22G x 3/4 in Needle + Syringe combo rx



What is 3cc (3 ml) Luer-Slip syringe with a 3/4" 22 G needle or 3 cc/mL 22g x 3/4 Needle?

The 3cc (3ml) Luer-Slip syringe with 3/4" 22 g Needle is a syringe that works with Adequan, which controls the symptoms of arthritis, or Percorten-V, which controls Addison's Disease. The syringe comes with a needle and allows up to 3 cc (3 ml) of medication for your pet.


Dogs & Horses


  • Syringe & needle for pet

How it Works:

This syringe is ideal for use with Adequan for dogs or horses and Percorten-V. Be sure to use the syringe according to your vet. It comes with a luer slip to twist on and off. Please note 1 cc = 1 ml.


Keep out of reach of pets and children. Do not sterilize or reuse syringe.


Store at room temperature.


  • To draw medication into the syringe, inject the bottle with the syringe and pull back on the syringe plunger until the proper dose is inside the syringe barrel.
  • Do not sterilize or reuse syringe.

Keep the vial upside down, with the syringe needle pointing upwards to release the medication back into the bottle if any air enters the syringe.


All weights
Adequan should be given according to your veterinarian's instructions only.

Do not use!

3cc (3ml) Luer-Slip syringe with 3/4" 22 g Needle:
Product Materials:3 cc Plastic Syringe, 22 Gauge x 3/4" Needle.
  • Syringe & needle for pet


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