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Please note: Your order will be shipped and processed through our facility Bandana Rx located at 5600 Imhoff Dr Ste E, Concord CA 94520

Pet VM is now a part of Bandana Rx

We are delighted to share that Pet VM is now a part of Bandana Rx. Bandana Rx is a family owned small business where we believe in providing quality care, affordable pricing and excellent service
Our values & service standards remain the same. With Bandana Rx, we get an opportunity to rebrand and position our company better. We continue to serve pet parents with the same passion. We hope to be a partner in keeping up with your pet's wellness.
We have compiled a list of few FAQs that can assist with addressing some queries.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does this mean for our customers?
Our customers can expect Business As Usual. This transition will not affect our customers.
Our staff will continue offering high level of service and work diligently to take care of our customers.

2. Is Bandana Rx a licensed pharmacy?
Yes, Bandana Rx is a licensed pharmacy. This means that Bandana Rx holds itself to the highest level of service.
Bandana Rx is regulated by the Board of Pharmacy across various states, is regularly inspected for highest standards and follows all protocols in handling and
dispensing of drugs.

3. Where is Bandana Rx located?
Bandana Rx is located in Concord CA.

4. Is Bandana Rx licensed in all states that Pet VM has a license with?
Yes. Bandana Rx holds a license in every state that Pet VM offers service in. There will be no disruption in service to any of our customers due to this transition.
All prescription orders are filled through Bandana Rx pharmacy. Bandana Rx is working to add more states through completing licensure in the remaining states.

5. Does Bandana Rx offer the same quality in drugs?
Bandana Rx takes quality of drugs very seriously. We work with the same providers to procure drugs and there is no difference in drugs available through Bandana Rx
over any other provider. Since Bandana Rx is a licensed pharmacy, all drugs are purchased through Board of Pharmacy licensed providers only, whether
manufacturers or distributors. All drugs available through our service are FDA/EPA approved.
All drugs offered are genuine and regularly inspected by Board of Pharmacy.

6. Does Pet VM or Bandana Rx processes and dispenses prescriptions?
Pet VM is just a web store for placing orders. Bandana Rx is the pharmacy facility.
Bandana Rx is the licensed entity with various State Board of Pharmacies, all prescriptions are processed and dispensed by Bandana Rx.

7. What will happen to the refills on file that Pet VM has?
Our customers will be able to continue ordering their refills without any disruption. All refill information is available at Bandana Rx.

8. Do I need to order through a different website? will continue to be available to our customers to order their medications.
Bandana Rx also offers the same products through website
There is no difference in ordering with either websites. All information between the sites is synced up. Our customers can use the same login to either site.
Customer profile and order history is the same on both websites. There is no difference in using one over the other.

9. What happens next and what changes can I expect?
We have merged and to provide our customers with the best experience and a wider product selection.
Both sites are available to our customers and they both provide a holistic account view. There are no changes to expect for, except improvements that we make regularly.
We encourage our customers to bookmark and use it for ordering.
Customer profiles and all previous ordering history is available on both websites at all times.

10. Will my order history be preserved?
Yes. Combined Order history from both websites can be viewed at all times on either website.

11. Will my privacy be affected by this change?
No. We take your privacy very seriously.
Bandana Rx does not share or sell your information to any outside entity for solicitation or any other purpose.
You can continue shopping confidently with us.

12. Who can I contact for more information?
While we work through the transition, we will be happy to provide any information in this regard to you.
You can contact us by e-mail or phone. Following is our contact information.

Bandana Rx
Phone: 1-888-441-3856


We welcome you as a part of Bandana Rx family and we look forward to serving your needs with the same passion as we do for our pets.